Ultimate Backflow Test Kit - Review / Guide

Ultimate Backflow Test Kit - Review / Guide
Mid-West Instrument manufacturers "The Ultimate Backflow Test Kit" - considered by most. For over 30 years Mid-West Instrument has been protecting the world's drinking water. We'll review the history, specifications and the reliability of these test kits manufactured for every preference by Mid-West Instrument.

In 1971 Mid-West Instrument produced the first portable backflow prevention Test Kit (Model 830). Over the next 30 years Mid-West Instrument has been protecting the drinking water of our world with consistent input from Backflow Technicians. This input led to enhancements such as inline filters, laminated test procedures, removable lids, soft seated needle valves and line pressure gauges.

In 2003 Mid-West Instrument introduced "The Ultimate Backflow Test Kit" -The 845 family of test kits in 5, 3 and 2 valve configurations to better serve the Backflow Testing Market.

A Test Kit For Every Preference
It is known that Model 830 has been a benchmark of the industry for decades. Continuing development led to the Model 845 which is delivered to customers in a spacious durable carrying case with external fitting compartments. Model 845 is available in 5-valve, 3-valve and 2-valve configurations. The 845-5 was upgraded with a new manifold with the hoses coming from the bottom and valves located on the front.

The new design of the 845-5 allowed Mid-West Instrument to perfect the newest addition to their family of backflow test kits; Model 835... In my opinion Model 835 merges the best of all their test kits. The 835 combines the newly upgraded design of the 845-5 (5-valve) with the legendary case of Model 830. This newest design of the 835 allows the gauge to be securely mounted or (when portability is an issue) it can be quickly and easily removed. These features allow the 835 to stand hand and shoulders above the competition.

Mid-West Instrument's Backflow Test Kits provide the capability for testing all brands of Reduced Pressure Principle, Pressure Vacuum Breaker, Spill Resistant Vacuum Breaker and Double Check Valve backflow prevention assemblies. All Mid-West Instrument test kits are capable of performing all known test procedures including those recommended by ASSE, AWWA, CSA, FCCC and HR-USC and NEWWA.

The Mid-West Instrument Model's 845-5, 845-3 and 845-2 have been added to both the FCCC & HR-USC and CA-NV AWWA list of Acceptable Gauges. The 845's join the 830 on the list.

Specifications (All Models)
* Accuracy: + or - 0.2 PSID (Descending)
* Gauge Type: Diaphragm Differential
* Range: 0-15 PSID / 0-100 KPA
* Max. Line Pressure PSIG (bar): 200 (14)
* Temperature Limitations: Maximum 150 degrees F / 65 degrees C ... Freezing Temperatures Must Be Avoided
* Test kits are protected with 90 micron filters to minimize plugging with scale, sand, etc.
* Filter elements can be cleaned or replaced
* Test procedures are laminated in clear plastic
* Body Material: Glass Reinforced Engineered Thermoplastic
* Wetted Internals: EP Elastomers, Brass and 316 S.S. Metal Parts

What's In The Box?
* All Test Kits have Soft Seated Needle Valves With Replaceable Seats, Laminated Test Procedures, Line Pressure Gauge, Adapter Fittings, In Line Hose Filters - Field Serviceable
* Hoses & End Fittings: Buna-N jacket and liner
* Schrader 1/4" brass coupler
* Hose Length: Three (3) each / 5' long (color-coded)
* Bleed Tube, One each / 4' long clear bleed tube (Models 830, 835 & 845-5)
* Adapter Fittings: (3) sets of brass fittings provided for hookup to all standard size test cocks
Carrying Case:
* Durable Molded Plastic Case -Storage Compartments for Fittings/Tools (Models 845-5, 3, 2)
* Durable Molded Polyethylene Carrying Case with Removable lid (Models 830 & 835)

Additional Accessories Available (Not Included)
Professional Test Cock Cleaning Tools, Bleed-Off Valve Assemblies, Vertical Tube Kits, Quick connect Test Cock Adapters, Swivel Fittings, Replacement Hose Kits, Filter Assembly Adapter Kits, etc.

I know first-hand that Mid-West Instrument stands behind their product. Mid-West Instrument's 5 Year Product Warranty is the best in the industry. Calibration for these Test Kits occurs at the Mid-West Instrument factory when they are manufactured. The Test Kits are marked when sold and are not used from factory calibration to date of sale - usually not longer than 2 weeks before shipped.

Mid-West Instrument has 20 Regional Factory Authorized Calibration / Service Centers in the Continental US.

Specification sheets for the different test kits are available online. Three procedures are included in all test kits:
* "2 Hose Double Check Valve Assembly" Test Procedure
* "Double Check Valve Assembly" Test Procedure
* Spill Resistant & Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assemblies" Test Procedures

(1) of these "RPZ" Procedures is included with each test kit, indicated by the model number:
* 5-Valve Reduced Principle Assemblies Test Procedures - Model 830
* 5-Valve Reduced Principle Assemblies Test Procedures - Model 835 & 845-5
* 2-Valve Reduced Principle Assemblies Test Procedures - Model 845-2
* 3-Valve Reduced Principle Assemblies Test Procedures - Model 845-3

After 30 years, I feel Mid-West Instrument has the newest enhancements and variety of products to serve every preference. Considering their low purchase price, unmatched 5-Year Warranty and support that is offered... Make the easy choice and buy the Mid-West Instrument Test Kit.