Mid-West Instrument Backflow Test Kits

Mid-West Instrument  Backflow Test Kits
Our Customers have been 110% satisfied with our Mid-West Test Kits. Because this is the case - We are offering a 110% Money Back Guarantee if you are dis-satisfied with your Mid-West Test Kit purchase.

MidWest Backflow Test Gauges are the "Ultimate Backflow Test Kit" and in the list of Acceptable Gauges from Both FCCC & HR-USC and CA-NV AWWA. Features include Over 30 Years of Input from Backflow Technicians, Specially Designed for Testing Backflow Prevention Assemblies, Test kits are protected with 90 micron filters to minimize plugging with scale, sand, etc., Filter elements can be cleaned or replaced, Test procedures are laminated in clear plastic.

... Calibration for these Test Kits occurs at the Mid-West Instrument factory when they are manufactured. The Test Kits are marked when sold and are not used from factory calibration to date of sale - usually not longer than 2 weeks before they are shipped.

Mid-West Instrument's 5 Year Product Warranty is the best in the industry.

*** FREE Durable carrying case included.

My Rubberneck is a distributor of Midwest Instrument and Test Gauge & Backflow Supply products. My Rubberneck is not the manufacturer of these said products.